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CPRM - Mineral Resources Research Company

“The product is easy to use, and their training was quite satisfactory. Their deployment was done in short period. Compared to other solutions on the market, the solution of the Lab 245 was served to more precisely to the needs of the Company.”

José Wilson Corrêa

CETIP Company (Board of Custody and Settlement)

The product fit perfectly to the needs of the company, in scan, index and publish the vast majority of documents generated by different areas. The feedback obtained from its development, has been presented in a way satisfactory to all employees of the company. The support of Lab245 is of high quality, providing security to the users”.

Graça Tebet

Project Coordinator

Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors

“This product has exceeded the expectations of the company regarding their performance and quality, allowing a fast and efficient indexing, and provision for the transfer web documents, technical and legal reports (..) Really improved the process of provision and management of electronic documents via web”

Tarcisio Sarubi

IT Manager