Folder245: your data is your treasure.

Folder245 is a software family for creating ECM, BPM and BI applications for web and mobile. Folder245 tools are seamless products to .

High volume capture scanning documents, 1D e 2D barcode generation and capture. OCR technology for full text retrieval. Multiple index archiving for a better experience in BPM and ECM integration.

  • Workflow graphical builder;
  • Milions documents and milion online users
  • Multiple source data reports, graphical reports, spread sheet export.
  • Complete audit reports;
  • Real time data monitoring and event oriented message service.

Lab245 offers now an all-inclusive SaaS for all these functionalities. * Includes all disk space you need, backups, infrastructure, software Folder245 and support. And you customized application is ready in few weeks.